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Batelco SMS Challenge Campaign

In order to increase SMS usage in the Bahrain region, Batelco needed an advertising agency to formulate a campaign that was going to be eye catching and would leave a lasting impression in an interactive way. O2 designed flyers that looked like actual money notes and placed them in strategic locations all over Bahrain. We also created a number of ads that were displayed in ways that would invite participation. The campaign enjoyed major success and led to a 40% increase in SMS generated revenue.

We recognised the brand needed a digital approach to truly make an impact. Some of the elements of our digital department within the agency included marketing through mobile, website research and an audit with suggested solutions as well as added features like traveller guides, newsletter subscriptions, promotions, mobile apps and app managers for iPhone and Android, social media management, Facebook apps and quizzes, and more. These elements aided in the execution of a campaign that truly stunned the people of Bahrain.