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The Obsession with Technology Is Real!

If you walk down the streets, you will notice that people are completely hooked up to their devices.  With more than 2 billion users around the world, technology is changing with the way we behave. There are 5 behaviors that reveal our obsession with technology, such as:

  • Binge Watching! That refers to watching multiple episodes of a television program for a very long time and it has even become a treasured pastime for many people around the world!
  • Experiencing Phantom Vibrations! We’ve all been there where you suddenly feel a vibration and you check your phone but there’s nothing there! It was stated by the psychologist David Laramie that Phantom vibrations are this unusual curiosity that speaks to our connection with our phones!
  • Feeling FOMO! Meaning that you feel that you’re going to miss an important post or an event that is happening elsewhere that is being aroused on Social Media platforms!
  • Obsessing over checking your phone over & over again…we tend to look consistently at our phones as we are searching for something that is interesting to us!

And Lastly…

  • Taking as much selfies as possible! Selfies have become a way of expressing yourself!